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The StartJade project was initiated by Cédric Herpson from the MAS group of the LIP6 computer science lab, Paris, France.

It's an open-source library that offers :

  • A simple way to launch your JADE multi-agent platform from source code.
  • A few examples that illustrate the basis of Agents' implementation.
  • A growing set of standard multi-agents protocols : auction, consensus, gossip,..

It is currently used within the master Androide of Sorbonne University. In the course FoSyMa (from the French "Fondement des Systèmes Multi-Agents"), it allows students to discover MAS and JADE main's caracteristics and classical protocols before moving to the core subject, the Dedale's project.



  • Cédric HERPSON (Associate professor, SU)

Main contributors

  • Roza AMOKRANE (Student, SU)
  • Nabila OULDBELKACEM (Student, SU)
  • Axel FOLTYN (Student, SU)